Medal of Honor Character Development Program


Lessons of Personal Bravery and Self-Sacrifice is a resource that offers your students the opportunity to explore core American values exemplified by true American heroes. It was designed for use in a variety of educational purposes by teachers in any school system in middle school and high school. Some lessons can even be tailored for elementary students. Lessons can be used to develop semester-long units, to supplement Modern American History courses, or to enrich content area lessons across the curriculum. All of the lessons include a wide range of teaching methods and formats in order to make the Medal of Honor content adaptable to as many different school settings as possible, in urban, rural, and suburban areas.


You will see how the Medal of Honor recipients’ inspiring stories resonate with students through their level of engagement. Students are encouraged to make connections to their own lives and the lives of heroes in their communities. The connections allow for deep discussions on topics of courage, integrity, sacrifice, commitment, citizenship, and patriotism. The lessons help students create their own definitions of these values and help them practice good decision making skills in their daily lives.


The complete Medal of Honor curriculum contains:

  • Lessons
  • Portraits of Valor Profiles
  • Citations, the official written Presidential declaration about the Medal of Honor recipient
  • Vignettes or short videos that feature a recipient’s living history. The entire library of over 100 vignettes (or living histories) can be found at (make sure correct web address)
  • The introductory vignette, Medal of Honor: In Their Own Words
  • Brief tutorial videos for using the curriculum and other resources
  • Opportunities to submit lessons, provide comments, and complete an online survey to give both teacher and student feedback