Gettings Leadership Center honors all United States Veterans of Lawrence County, Pennsylvania for their accomplishments in military service as well as civilian life, and especially memorializes those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. The Center also serves as an inspirational facility to our youth that they may be made aware of the tremendous sacrifices that came before them, and that they may feel called to serve their community in some way.

The Center accomplishes its mission by serving as a digital archive center for the county’s Veterans and as a place where school-age children can experience an interactive environment to learn about patriotism and community service.

The Center is comprised of three spaces: Honor, Experience, and Action.

HONOR: The first space welcomes the visitor, introduces them to the center,  and “Honors” those Lawrence County men and women who have lost their lives in the call of duty.  Included in the introduction is the history of the building, formerly the Second United Presbyterian Church, and the history of Lawrence County as it pertains to the U.S. Armed Forces. The Veteran’s digital archive is also accessible in this space. The focal point of this space is a memorial wall which displays the names of those Lawrence County men and women who gave their lives in active service to their country.  Of those men and women, Marine Cpl. Albert P. Gettings is introduced as the personal example of heroism and sacrifice for the center.

EXPERIENCE: The Second space emerges guests into the United States Soldier’s “Experience” through an interactive exhibit titled, “A Sense of Pride”. Visitors will have the opportunity to simulate a soldier’s experiences through the five senses.  In addition to this interactive experience, guests will be educated on the history and facts of the American Flag and The Pledge of Allegiance.

ACTION: Punctuating the vision of this center, the last room calls the community to “Action”.  A photo booth takes digital pictures of the community members and projects them onto a wall displaying their faces and their personal pledge of community action. Whether it is to organize community initiatives, volun­teer time, or simply say “Thank you” to service men and women, no act is too small to garner civic importance.  Local civic and charitable organizations will have the opportunity to attract involvement from the guests through a community bulletin board.

Our community, as our nation, was built on the service and sacrifice of those members who came before us. The service and commitment of our veterans shall not be forgotten, but rather honored.  It is the belief that the center will inspire through the examples of others, a call to civic responsibility and community service of all of those who enter its doors.

The center recognizes that even the smallest of acts can have a big impact, and that ordinary people are capable of extraordinary achievement.