The Gettings Leadership Centers are designed to educate and inspire the next generation of American leadership. The centers promote the values, traditions, and ideals that have made our nation great, and the contributions of those who serve in our armed forces, and those citizens who have played a part in building of the American Dream. We strive to keep that dream alive and vibrant by remembering those who serve... our military heroes and civic leaders.

One Person Can Make a Difference... Be That One Person!

As we face the challenges ahead, we will need leaders who have what it takes—the courage, integrity, and commitment to stay the course in difficult times. Our schools do not teach values and ethics. Our young people are being raised in a world of hyper-technology and superficial 'friends', tweets, and likes. The true essence of honor, integrity, and sacrifice are being lost in frenetic world of online social media.

America needs to find the path back to the vision and values that made us great. Gettings Leadership Centers can be beacons of hope for the future as we honor those who serve and inspire the next generation of leaders.